Adding Photos

This part of the tutorial only applies to designs with photo masks. If your design does not hold photos, just text and illustration, you can skip this page.


Always make sure that the images and photos you are planning to upload into the design are high resolution (300 dpi) images. This will give the best print results.

Size also matters. For example: you have purchased a price list card of 7 x 5 inches in size. The front of the card shows one large photo, almost covering the full front side. In that case your photo should at least be 2100 pixels (or 7 inch) wide for best results.

The size 7 x 5 inches equals a size of 2100 x 1500 pixels. If you are uploading a 500 pixels wide image into that size, you will need to 'blow up' the image in the design to make it fit. This will cause quality loss.

So keep in mind: upload high resolution images at the appropiate size!


This is how you add your own photos to the design:

1. locate the layer of the photo mask to which you want to add your photo - photo mask layers can be recognized by the mustardy/yellow color in front of the layer
2. then click with your mouse button on the layer above it that says 'Place your image below this layer'
3. go to the left upper corner of your screen and press the ‘File’ option
4. select option ‘insert image’ - this might be called different in your version of Photoshop, since I use a Dutch version - but you should select the option right under ‘Search in Adobe Stock’

5. now you can upload an image of choice from your computer - select your image and upload

6. the image is now placed behind the photo mask, but it is probably not fitting well yet

7. resize the image by clicking on one of its edges and then adjusting the percentage numbers that correspond with the size
8. then drag the image to a position behind the mask that looks best to you

9. click the ‘Place’ button on the left side of screen and your image is placed in position